More geocoding

Following a lengthy and still ongoing consultation with Paul Farley, Lewis Jones and Martin Weiler, as well as other members of Exeter City FC Supporters Trust Board, Will and I have now compiled and I have geocoded a list of 28 locations, eight more that we had originally agreed with Andy Chapman, our developer, who is now (probably rightly) concerned about loading time. Andy has already told us that some of the geocoding put the locations in Belgium, and so we know we still need to refine the geocoding more precisely, but we are confident to be able, this Saturday, to start our walk from St James Park towards St Davids, using our phone to guide us from one location to the other to check the accuracy of the readings (and, if needed, geocode again); test accessibility; see what it’s actually like to encounter these locations in this way; and verify their affordances.

Will has now also identified images for most of the sites, and is digitising them in formats that are suitable for preservation purposes, and has started to draft headlines and 100 word descriptions, whilst also clearing all copyright and permissions queries with interested parties.

Here’s the list of our chosen locations – if you have an opinion about them please feel free to contact us on this blog or email

Stadium Way entrance
Exeter City FC Ticket booth
Exeter City FC Stansfield memorial
The Grecian Centre
Exeter City FC Store
Fountain Centre
Heart on the Big Bank
Old Grandstand
St James train station
The Brook Green Tavern
Old Club shop
Jimmy Rigby shop
Forester’s Arms
Red Lion Inn
Duke of York Pub
Express and Echo (old office)
Ivor Doble jewellery shop
McGahey the tobacconist
Trust shop
Gourmandine Creperie and Bistro
Royal Clarence (ABode Exeter)
Exeter Guildhall
Dunn and Baker solicitors
Northcott Theatre
The Clifton Inn
The Mount Radford Pub
St Davids Station

About Gabriella Giannachi

Gabriella Giannachi is Professor in Performance and New Media, and Director of the Centre for Intermedia at the University of Exeter, which promotes advanced interdisciplinary research in performance and the arts through collaborations between artists, academics and scientists from a range of disciplines. Her most recent and forthcoming book publications include: Virtual Theatres: an Introduction (Routledge: 2004); Performing Nature: Explorations in Ecology and the Arts, ed. with Nigel Stewart (Peter Lang: 2005); The Politics of New Media Theatre (Routledge: 2007); Performing Presence: Between the Live and the Simulated, co-authored with Nick Kaye (MUP: 2011), nominated in Theatre Library Association 44th Annual Book Awards (2012); Archaeologies of Presence, co-edited with Nick Kaye and Michael Shanks (Routledge: 2012); Performing Mixed Reality, co-authored with Steve Benford (MITP: 2011) and Archive Everything (MITP, forthcoming). She has published articles in Contemporary Theatre Review, Leonardo, Performance Research, Digital Creativity, TDR and PAJ, and developed conference papers for IVA 2009, 9th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, CHI 2008, CHI 2009 (best paper award), CHI 2012 (best paper award) and CHI 2013 (best paper award). She is an investigator in the RCUK funded Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub (2009-2014) and is collaborating with Tate and RAMM on a number of projects. She has a BA from Turin University and a PhD from Cambridge University, UK.
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