Creating trails from scratch

From zero to rhino

Our project is based on existing objects and locations. Catching up with a friend I heard about a trail created completely from scratch, with no existing objects or locations, and a limited time span. Intrigued by this different approach I decided to find out more and report back.

Most of us are familiar with art trails created in existing art and sculpture parks or linking art in urban settings. In Southampton they took a different approach with their Go Rhinos project.

The Southampton project

They have commissioned rhino sculptures to showcase local artistic talent. From our point of view what’s interesting is the finished rhinos are positioned around the city and linked with a trail. There is a simple PDF format map  and an iPhone app with gaming elements in its design. So there we go, art plus created objects, plus selected locations equals temporary trail!

Go Rhinos! painted rhino with a giraffe on!

Go Rhinos! painted rhino with a giraffe on!


About Rick Lawrence

Digital Media Officer at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter, UK
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