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Digital Media Officer at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter, UK

Creating trails from scratch

From zero to rhino Our project is based on existing objects and locations. Catching up with a friend I heard about a trail created completely from scratch, with no existing objects or locations, and a limited time span. Intrigued by … Continue reading

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Mobiles, Tablets and Museums, oh my!

You can be too helpful Some of you may have followed the recent rise in thefts from museums. Investigations have shown many of the more collectable and sought after items stolen are taken to order. There is evidence to show … Continue reading

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A museum in your pocket

From handheld tour to mobile Older readers will remember going to museums and heritage sites and being offered a clunky piece of hardware delivering a recorded tour on arrival. While those days may be gone the concept of the museum … Continue reading

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Exeter Time Trail – a website’s story

Ten years of presenting Exeter’s history Time Trail started out as an e-government project in 2003. The museum supplied the content and the then Telematics Centre at the University of Exeter built the website. The idea was to present the … Continue reading

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